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Window Film Market All Living Phase
Jul 20, 2017

Glass window film is a multi-layer functional polyester composite film material, it is in the multi-layer ultra-thin transparent polyester film by dyeing, magnetron sputtering, laminated composite processing, mainly for Car glass and building doors and windows glass, cut off the glass, roof glass, etc., will be affixed to the glass surface for improving the performance and strength of the glass, and make it insulated, heat, energy, explosion, beautify the appearance, And security protection and other functions.

According to the different application areas, the current glass window film is divided into three categories: architectural glass window film, automotive glass window film and safety glass window film. Among them, the architectural glass window film is mainly used for building doors and windows, roof, etc., to energy-saving insulation as the main purpose, both anti-ultraviolet and security features; automotive glass window film attached to the inner surface of automotive glass, with energy- UV, security and other effects; security glass window film is the main function of safe explosion, generally used for banks and other financial institutions, jewelry store window, museum, hotel lobby or exhibition hall.

Huge building energy-saving market will pull the rapid growth of glass window film. Energy conservation and emission reduction become a consensus at the same time, the construction of high energy consumption is increasingly valued.

Market behavior refers to the enterprise to achieve its business objectives, in full consideration of the market supply and demand conditions and other business relations, based on the market environment to take appropriate action. It is determined by the market structure, but also in the market structure. Domestic enterprises by the oligopoly market structure of the impact of the manufacturers to take the market behavior can be said to be varied.

Well-known enterprises generally through brand promotion to establish the corporate brand image, enhance the brand's reputation and reputation, and then through accurate positioning in the market to win customer recognition.

New entrants in the market without the advantages of quality, the face of the proliferation of the industry, the introduction of professional construction, standardized service concept, in the store design, construction protection and other aspects of the way to do bit.

Increase investment in research and development, improve technological superiority, adhere to the high-end product line, the first occupation of the domestic high-end areas.

To provide more quality, differentiated services, through services to increase the added value of enterprises, improve profit margins, to create a high quality, good reputation of the brand.

By expanding the dealer point, the integration of sales channels, adhere to high-end product positioning, accurate positioning, to guide customer consumption, to avoid low price war.

 Can really be: "membrane of smoke from the smoke, the devil to whom people? Fog in the flower, the five flowers and eight.

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