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Which Indicators Determine The Life Of The Car Window Film
Sep 25, 2017

UV transmittance, anti-wear function, temperature resistance, radiation resistance determines the life of the car window film.

UV transmission ratio reflects the anti-UV rate of goods, if the car film UV isolation is not high, will cause its faded vague, optical function, etc., significantly shorten the service life, but also cause the car interior cracks, fade and aging. This comparison experiment the target value of the difference between the standard, there are three samples of UV isolation can be lower.

In the anti-wear function, because the vehicle in the course of the need to frequently wipe the front window glass and lift the side of the window glass, if the anti-wear function will cause the car film appearance will cause a lot of scratches, affecting its optical and mechanical functions , The stability of the goods and the decline in service life. This comparison experiment shows the best value of the test as long as 1%, reflecting the worst to reach 22%, 6 samples of anti-wear function is not aspiring.

Temperature resistance is to imitate the vehicle in the summer high temperature in the case of winter low temperature, the car film in the high and low temperature stability, such as will not attack significant cracks, bubbles, degumming and other scenes. Poor temperature resistance, clarify the stability of the goods is not good, the service life is short, easy to use in the course of the driver's vision clarity, there are security risks. This comparison experiment has two samples of the temperature resistance of the poor.

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