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What Is The Relationship Between PVC Plastic And Polymeric Vinyl?
Jun 19, 2017

PVC plastic is PVC, bright color, corrosion-resistant, strong and durable, because in the manufacturing process to increase the plasticizer, anti-aging agents and other toxic auxiliary materials, so its products generally do not store food and medicine.

PVC plastic is actually a polymerization of Polymeric Vinyl.

Simply stated, the aqueous solution of salt is chemically decomposed in the current action. This process produces chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen. Refining, cracking oil or gasoline can produce ethylene. When chlorine and ethylene are mixed, two vinyl chloride is produced, and ethylene dichloride can be converted to produce chlorinated Polymeric Vinyl, which is an essential component of the polymerization vinyl. The polymerization process connects vinyl chloride molecules together to form a polyvinyl chloride chain. The polyvinyl chloride produced in this way is white powder. It cannot be used alone, but it can be mixed with other ingredients to produce many products.

Chlorinated Polymeric Vinyl was originally synthesized in the Justus von Liebig laboratory in 1835. PVC was synthesized by Baumann in 1872. But it was not until the 1820s that the first PVC commercial product was produced in the United States, and in the next 20 years Europe began to produce large-scale production.

Polymeric Vinyl has been widely used as the second most common resin in the world, and it has become 29% of the total consumption of synthetic resin, because of its rich raw materials (petroleum, limestone, coke, salt and natural gas), mature manufacturing process, low price and wide use. PVC is easy to process, can be molded, laminated, injection molding, extrusion, calendering, blow molding Hollow and other methods of processing. Polyvinyl chloride is mainly used in the production of artificial leather, film, wire sheath and other plastic soft products, but also the production of plates, doors and windows, pipes and valves and other plastic hard products.

Polymeric Vinyl has the advantages of flame retardant (flame retardant value of more than 40), High chemical resistance (sulfuric acid with concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentration of 90%, nitric acid with a concentration of 60% and sodium hydroxide concentration 20%), mechanical strength and electrical insulation. But its heat resistance is poor, softening point for 80 Shan, in 130 Shan began to decompose discoloration, and the separation of HCI.

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