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What Is Nylon Lamination Film
Jul 11, 2017

Nylon Lamination Film is nylon, ion resin, polyethylene, modified resin, the use of German equipment, special production process, through the co-extruded unit blown into five layers. The product structure symmetry, smooth surface, high transparency, high tensile strength, good moisture resistance, low oxygen permeability, oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, easy heat sealing, good air tightness, light weight Etc.

PA / PE five-layer nylon Lamination Film application and use notes:

PA / PE five-layer nylon Lamination Film has a variety of combinations, the company may be based on user requirements. Mainly used for the following three categories of items of storage, preservation, flavor, durability, security.

In the food storage and packaging applications:

According to the situation of grain storage there are six sides sealed, five side seal, one side seal, but no matter how many faces should be made of a Lamination Film shape, the food sealed in the middle, and then sealed, specifically:

⒈ vacuum packaging storage of rice, the food sealed bag vacuum, the use of Lamination Film good air tightness and moisture resistance, so that food in the oxygen stable state, so pest control mold, to maintain quality, conducive to long-term safe storage;

⒉ rapid oxygen scavenging packaging method with nylon Lamination Film will be grain or grain stack sealing, combined with the use of oxygen scavenger, the mandatory elimination of oxygen inside the bag to speed up food pests and microbial hypoxia asphyxiation speed, inhibition of mold growth;

⒊ carbon dioxide packaging method: not only to prevent pests and microbial violations, and because of the role of carbon dioxide, can effectively reduce the food respiration intensity, to prevent the decomposition of food fat oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of delaying food aging;

⒋ low-dose sealed fumigation method: low-dose drugs and food at the same time sealed in the nylon Lamination Film, due to strong membrane oxygen resistance, drug circulation in the membrane to extend the insecticide period.

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