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What Are The Solutions To The Instability Of The Lamination Film?
Jul 20, 2017

In order to control the smoothness of the Lamination Film, in addition to control the film itself, the Mocha coefficient, but also in the use of a stable temperature and humidity conditions, in order to maintain the stability of the Lamination Film, But can not ignore the surface condition of the device parts that are in contact with the membrane.

1, according to the actual situation, to determine the standard coefficient of Mocha, select the appropriate slip agent and opening agent, and the substrate material to maintain a stable ratio of raw materials, production process conditions standardized.

2, before the use of standard cooling or retention time, so that the Lamination Film in the slip agent to play a role. Such as PE film just produced can not be immediately compound, which is not completely precipitated slip agent, while the composite part of the slip agent will migrate to the glue layer. If the placement time is too long, the proportion of large slip agent, too much precipitation also affect the Mocha coefficient, adverse follow-up use.

3, according to the characteristics of slip agent to determine the temperature of Lamination Film processing conditions, stable use of Lamination Film temperature and humidity conditions. Such as the characteristics of the organic slip agent, when the temperature decreases, it will migrate to the surface of the film, making the film surface of the friction coefficient decreased; temperature rise when it will migrate to the film, resulting in the film surface Mocha coefficient rise.

4, in order to reduce the temperature on the organic slip agent precipitation and migration of serious impact, in order to maintain the stability of the Mocha coefficient, can be added in the raw materials, the amount of inorganic inclusions.

5, according to the actual needs of the Mocha coefficient, strictly control the curing conditions, including curing time and temperature. To avoid the aging conditions affect the precipitation and migration of additives.

6, the choice of additives and additives to stabilize the glue, according to the actual experience to determine the glue model and the proportion of good surface coating additives. Because the different glue on the adsorption of different additives, such as the same formula of PE film and different glue composite, PE film Mocha coefficient will be different.

7, high temperature conditions, the use of Lamination Film, should be added high temperature of the slip agent, or the appropriate increase in the amount of organic slip agent to reduce the temperature on the friction coefficient of the serious impact.

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