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Ultra-thin Design Requirements
Sep 03, 2016

Ultra-thin design is the most important part of graphics in graphic design, because most of the light box is outside the store is set up, so it and other outdoor ads, let the moments through media with a strong ability to attract attention, so expressive graphics, much about the real, will help deepen mutual understanding, comprehension and memory of the picture. General advertising its relatively small screen, and is not, cannot be introduced and more space and image, so to express the ad must be very simple and eye-catching, makes clear, especially in dynamic walking people, to be brought to their attention in an instant, after seeing will be memorable.

Ultra-thin light box advertising design professional designers figure out of the picture, to have some advertising design, advertising design requirements must be the color of the picture brighter, would have a huge impact. Due to the slim light box picture mostly with acrylic and new flexible light boxes cloth production, so not too much use of various color combinations, which will not only increase the difficulty of making, will also affect the function of advertising communication.

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