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Summer, Do Your Film Insulation
Sep 03, 2016

After the Spring Festival, many vehicle owners started selected for car solar films. However, know a lot about how films are not, many were friends or network query. Also when many customers choose misunderstanding, xiaobian given below we talk about how to choose the right solar films.

Many owners believe that his car was more than 100,000, just put a cheap film, nice car stickers, ready to film again. In fact, car sticker to make people more comfortable in the car, let cool, and the price is irrelevant. Many customers on in-car comfort, solar film is environmentally friendly, film sound insulation completely don't care, spend that kind of money to film, is not posted, buy things, and in fact the most expensive! No matter how much money the car should be for themselves and their families select a environmental protection, heat insulation, solar films.

There are many customers who thought the car idle for some time, no matter what post film heat, so useless post film!  Post membrane function is to open the air conditioning when driving, in-car comfort and soon reach the ideal State, but if you are insulating film, even though the air temperature was lower, time again for a long time, the car is still not a very good comfort, car is always very hot! This time, high quality window film to show Kamui! 

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