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Stickers Auto Glass Film Benefits
Sep 03, 2016

As the effect of collective price of automobile market in the near future, many of my friends bought a new car, but bought cars the most tangled is whether to give the film the car, this author to name but a few stickers for everyone the benefits of car window film, hope that we can help you.

1: thermal insulating and sunproof. Indeed, a good car window film can reduce the temperature inside the vehicle get off prolonged exposure, but also to reduce UV damage to the skin within.

2: increased security. High quality glass is made of special polyester film as a material, the film itself has a strong toughness, encountered an unexpected collision when the glass, glass broken membrane glued do not Ricochet hurts, you can increase protection of car personnel.

3: protect your privacy. High quality window film can increase the degree of privacy in the vehicle.

4: reducing the consumption of air conditioning. In the hot summer months, high quality solar film can reduce air conditioning loads, simply adjust the air conditioning to proper temperature inside the car can, because high quality solar film can effectively prevent the intrusion of warm air outside the car.

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