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Special Window Film And The Difference Between Ordinary Window Film
Jun 07, 2017

According to the survey, many Mercedes-Benz owners for the car itself is a better understanding, and even worse on the car a variety of parameters, but when it comes to all kinds of cool Sidi special window film car's invisible airbag

Auto parts is a black smear, especially for the proportion of car parts accounted for a heavier car membrane know little about. Buy the car did not correctly choose the car glass film, listen to the Internet so-called film experience or in order to save trouble, to discuss cheap, to the unknown shop to the car foil, and finally bring such as bubbles, edge, fade and other issues, and finally Had to re-film, hurt the car does not say, but also a waste of human and financial resources. So, for such a good car as Mercedes-Benz, what film is appropriate?

To solve this problem, first of all need to learn how to correctly distinguish between the car window film. Car film development so far, has been derived from numerous brands, and this is the time in the choice of car film is a headache, but in general, can be divided into ordinary window film and the rise of special window film in recent years.

The so-called ordinary window film is more often mentioned similar to the Weigu ah dragon membrane ah quantum ah these in the sale of the car film, which can be divided into two categories of insulation film and safety film, insulation film main insulation Performance, security film main security performance, brand recognition is not high, the same car can also appear in the BYD and Mercedes-Benz windows. Ordinary car film is good or bad distinction mainly by touching to see the four steps to touch, "touch" is the surface of the touch film, high-quality car film feel thick and smooth, low-quality car film is very soft and thin, lack of toughness, easy to play wrinkle. "Smell" is to tear off the protective layer of automotive glass film with the nose smell, poor car car smell a pungent taste, and high-grade film is used in environmental protection glue, basically no taste, or a hint Of the glue taste. "Look" refers to the use of the dealer to provide the sample film facing the bright place with the eyes to see clarity, high-quality car film is very high definition, uniform color, good visibility, and low-quality car film clarity is low, the color is not Uniform, poor visibility. "Rub" can be a little bit of alcohol or gasoline wipe the surface of the film, a bad car film is easy to fade, high-grade car film is not easy to fade.

Special window film in the international number of Israel Hanita Coating Co., Ltd. is more well-known, is an important member of the International Window Film Association, started in the country later, the registered brand called "cool Si Di", the characteristics of it at the same time With the safety and insulation of the dual performance, but the brand positioning tone is relatively high, only for Benao Austrian level above the high-end owners, currently only in the high-end car 4S shop to buy, through other channels to buy counterfeit counterfeit. At present, this car mainly with the luxury car group, stationed in the luxury car group's 4S shop, set up cool Sidi brand exclusive showcase. Identify the special window film to see whether there are the following four steps: the first step is "see", this look refers to see Cool Sidi actual case recording video, from this video can see the brand car film users real Feelings. The second step is "touch", hand touch the surface of the film, if the quality of ordinary car membrane feels like plastic texture, special window film has a unique leather feel. The third step is "baked", the use of infrared baking lamp test insulation effect, high-quality ordinary insulation film insulation performance is better, in the back of the lamp can feel the heat, special window film insulation performance, the basic heat All isolated. The last step is "smashing", smashing refers to the use of 2KG solid steel ball from the height of 1.5M fall, through the ball tester to test the safety performance, high-quality ordinary safety film basically hit the glass was running through, and the glass fragments are everywhere , Special window film can not only withstand several smashing, and the last glass fragments are also firmly stick together.

For the choice of Mercedes-Benz owners, the general economic conditions are relatively superior, in the community have a certain province and status of high-end people. From the practical point of view, the special window film on the one hand can effectively cut off the external heat, reduce the Mercedes-Benz car due to exposure caused by aging, on the other hand excellent safety performance can avoid accidental damage to the car relatives and friends. From the perspective of maintaining their own position and identity, Cool Sidi special window film itself is a world-class brand, located in the exclusive car, can give people the feeling of high-end taste. According to 2016 industry research shows that more and more Mercedes-Benz owners are more inclined to cool Sidi special window film.

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