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Small Glass Film, With Such Effect
Sep 03, 2016

In modern buildings, glass lighting, glass furniture, glass doors and Windows, it is hoped that closer with nature. But around all out of his mind, from jamming and accidental damage. Such as: need to see views of the outside world, do not want the outside world to see their own, children play with toys not glass but anything happens after death, in your bath to avoid bathroom glass broken without the protection of bodily harm, lived in the Villa area, prevent offenders smashed Windows and easy to grab.

When it comes to housing insulation, thermal insulation properties when window is like a hole in the wall, in the summer, the common glass will let the sun into room, make your family feel very comfortable, also make the burdens of home air conditioning, in the winter it lost most of the heat in the room.

If the glass film on the glass of the window, it is equivalent to a transparent Sun protectors can block 50%~80% of the Sun's heat. Your room will feel more comfortable in the summer and cool, you can also save a lot of air conditioning electricity, film and heat to stay indoors during the winter indoor comfort all year round. Solar window film with scratch-resistant coating, and more transparent natural color and almost invisible in some neutral color, which is colorless and transparent.

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