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Sampling Techniques For Lamination Film Detection
Jun 07, 2017

The Lamination Film is a separation membrane composed of a microporous membrane or an ultrafiltration membrane, and a dense homogeneous film having a thickness of only 0.1 to 0.25 m is used as a barrier layer on its surface. So that the amount of material through a great increase. Here to explain to you about the preparation of composite membrane is divided into several categories?

Preparation methods are divided into four categories:

(1) a lamination method, first preparing a thin dense homogeneous membrane, and then laminated on the microporous support film;

(2) dip coating method, the polymer solution dip on the microporous membrane, and then dry, the active monomer or prepolymer solution can also be dipped in microporous membrane, with heat or radiation curing;

(3) a plasma vapor deposition method using a plasma glow to produce a dense homogeneous membrane on the surface of the microporous support film;

(4) interfacial polymerization, on the surface of the microporous support film, with the active monomer interface polymerization.

Lamination Film refers to a variety of plastic and paper, metal or other materials through the laminated extrusion, coextrusion and other technology to combine the substrate formed by the multi-layer structure of the film. So you know what is the common structure of the Lamination Film for food packaging?

Common structure of Lamination Film for food packaging

PET / PE, PVC / PE, NY / PVDC, PE / PVDC, PP / PVDC and so on.

Three-layer composite such as BOPP / PE / OPP, PET / PVDC / PE, PET / PT / PE, PT / AL / PE, wax / paper / PE and so on.

Four-layer composite such as PT / PE / BOPP / PE, PVDC / PT / PVDC / PE, paper / aluminum foil / paper / PE and so on.

Five-layer composite such as PVDC / PT / PE / AL / PE and so on.

Six-layer composite such as PE / paper / PE / AL / PE / PE and so on.

When we were testing the mass of the composite membrane, it was not only time-consuming to cut with a knife and a hard tool, but also the accuracy of the sampling was low. YQ-Z-7 round quantitative sampler punching pattern has the advantages of high precision and fast speed, but because the Lamination Film material is thin and soft, if the direct punching, easy due to the existence of sinking deformation of the sample caused by sample specifications Of the obvious error, and the film is also easy to squeeze the edge of the edge, resulting in punching block failure. In view of this phenomenon, the author first take the area to take appropriate, quantitative for about 150 grams of waste paper 1, and its split on the fold, and then will be cutting the Lamination Film hairpin caught in the middle of two layers of paper, then put them into the red With a punch in the cut. In this way, due to the role of thick paper clip lining Lamination Film, effectively avoid the film sinking deformation phenomenon. This sampling method not only better to ensure the accuracy of the sample punching, but also improve the accuracy of raw material testing.

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