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Polymeric Vinyl Resin Is A High-performance Resin
Jul 11, 2017

Epoxy acrylate Polymeric Vinyl resin is a high-performance resin. It is a thermosetting liquid resin, both excellent mechanical properties of epoxy resin and unsaturated polyester resin easy to process, fast curing, and its resistance to the performance of far

Better than epoxy resin and general unsaturated polyester resin, because of its high specific strength and fatigue resistance characteristics, making epoxy acrylic Polymeric Vinyl ester resin widely used in anti-corrosion, flooring, pipe fittings, automobiles, ships, military, sports equipment and other fields.

①V-118 is both epoxy resin and unsaturated polyester resin advantages, but no epoxy defects-high viscosity, not easy to processing.

② General chemical erosion of thermosetting resins, mostly for ester hydrolysis and oxidation or halogenated of polar or unsaturated radicals, but the V-118 epoxy Polymeric Vinyl ester resin ester Base is few (only at the end), the molecule end also nonpolar functional group, moreover the end ester base has the three-dimensional barrier to provide the protection, therefore the vinyl resin's resistance nature is superior to the unsaturated polyester resin.

③ In addition to the above-mentioned esters and polar basis differences, the unsaturated base of Polymeric Vinyl ester resin exists only at the end base, unlike the O-benzene type, benzene-type polyester and bisphenol-A-type polyester are present in the molecule, the existence of the end unsaturated bond provides Polymeric Vinyl resin high reactivity, and cured resin, residual unsaturated base is less, so can show more excellent resistance.

The hydroxyl group of ④ vinyl resins exists on the main chain, which provides vinyl resins with rapid infiltration capability with good subsequent strength.

⑤ the main structure of bisphenol A provides more physical property and excellent heat resistance of Polymeric Vinyl resins, while ether provides high fatigue resistance.

The price is about 80.00 RMB/kg.

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