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Paste Layer Insulating Glass Film Farewell To Indoor Temperature
Sep 03, 2016

Weather hot, many readers fear home in the living room, and bedroom, and Sun room into "sauna room", now public home in the of Windows, and Sun room most to tempered glass, and steel, and aluminum package wood doors and Windows, for main material, although is light, but endothermic capacity is strong, not easy distributed heat, even loaded Shang cloth curtain or aluminum insulation Board, is shading but block can't Sun in the most main of heat infrared and UV of invasion, summer after long time exposure Sun room within temperature so sharply rose.

Solar insulating glass membrane, can block up to 89% of the Sun's heat in the summer, keep the room a cool environment, saving air conditioning, make the room cool in summer and warm in winter, and explosion-proof UV, a layer of foil, multiple protection.

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