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Lamination Film Adhering To The Quality Of Life, Service Is The Purpose
Jun 30, 2017

The main mechanism of Lamination Film is the impermeability of plastic film to cut off the earth dam leakage channel, with its large tensile strength and elongation to withstand water pressure and adapt to dam deformation; and non-woven fabric is also a polymer short fiber Chemical materials, through the needle or hot tack forming, with high tensile strength and extensibility, it is combined with the plastic film, not only increased the tensile strength of plastic film and anti-puncture ability, and because the non-woven surface Rough, increasing the friction coefficient of the contact surface, is conducive to composite geomembrane and protective layer stability. At the same time, they have good resistance to bacteria and chemical resistance, not afraid of acid, alkali, salt erosion.

Composite geomembrane is made of geotextile and geomembrane composed of impervious material, which is mainly used for anti-seepage drainage and reinforcement. Composite geomembrane is divided into a cloth a film, two cloth a film, more cloth film. Width of 1-6m, weight of 200,1500 / m2, tensile, tear, broken and other physical and mechanical properties of high indicators to meet the water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, municipal, construction, tunnel and other engineering needs. Due to the use of polymer materials and production

The process has been added anti-aging agent, can be used in non-conventional temperature environment.

Lamination Film and the surrounding structure should be connected with expansion bolts and steel plate pressure bar anchorage, the connection site to brushing emulsified asphalt (2mm thick) bonding, to prevent the occurrence of leakage.

Adhesive geomembrane on the upstream side of the concrete dam and set a horizontal stainless steel tank every 2 meters in the vertical direction to clamp the geomembrane. The improvement of the method is to first set the geogrid on the concrete surface of the concrete dam, and then paste the geomembrane on the geogrid. Due to the ultraviolet and oxidation, the life of the geomembrane is limited.

The peel strength of the Lamination Film approach:

1. To establish a coating adhesion fastness of the detection method, so that different batches of VM film coating adhesion fastness in mind, to ensure that the quality of goods is not the same batch stability. I will introduce a simple and easy to use a test method.

2. Compound roll temperature drop, can improve the complex fastness. The negative effect is that the coating is relatively poor. In other cases, the initial peel strength of the machine is deteriorated.

3. Selection of special methods, that is, VMPET coating, the oven temperature as much as possible to increase ventilation. The negative effect is that the degree of evaporation of the ethyl ester is affected. Ethyl acetate residues.

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