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Is The Car Window Film Useful? Do A Group Experiment To Tell You The Answer
Sep 25, 2017

Not all vehicles will be equipped with the original insulation UV glass, which also makes the market of automotive window film products after another, paste the car window film can be appropriate to protect privacy, on the other hand can block the heat against UV.

This is why many novice bought a car, the first time must be posted to the reasons for the car window film.

What is the role of the car film? Xiaobian to bring you the actual test experience.

In order to ensure that the measured data as accurate as possible, we deliberately got two exactly the same car, but No. 1 car attached to the car film, and No. 2 car is not attached to any car film.

Before the test began, we first parked the two cars at the same time, open the door fully ventilated, so that their initial temperature as consistent, and use a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the car.

After recording the initial temperature, the two cars were moved to the sun under the sun, and record the temperature changes over time.

It can be seen from the test, the car inside the car temperature from 30 ℃ to 43 ℃, while the car did not paste the car temperature from 32 ℃ to 50 ℃. Both have seven degrees

Temperature difference, into the car can also feel the difference between heat waves, and more surprising that the two parts of the car contact temperature changes.

Through the above data can be clearly seen, the film and the film, the steering wheel temperature difference can reach 10.5 ℃, while the main driving is reached 11.2 ℃.

After the above measured, we found that the car foil, the heat for the outside does have a certain barrier effect, and paste and do not paste there is no small difference.

Car in the control panel, leather seats, etc., like beautiful skin, long-term erosion by the UV, not only will cause fading, aging, and may cause line failure or short circuit. Depends on a car film is not really can resist UV, is also very simple, such as universal hundred dollar bills, put it behind the glass, and then use the test pen sweep found:

The original car is not attached to the car film glass can easily see the UV security logo, attached to the car film glass is not visible.

In fact, there is an advantage after the car film, most of the heat is blocked outside, the car temperature is low, the body is relatively more comfortable, air conditioning load to reduce the fuel consumption will naturally be reduced, choose a quality Kaopu car film, for The car itself is a kind of protection.

Car film is equivalent to the car glass plus a layer of protective film, and now most of the window glass with a special process. But met the high-speed on the stones or falling objects, more than a layer of car window film is a number of safety lines, greatly reducing the destruction of broken glass.

In summary, the car window film whether it is on the car, or for drivers and passengers, the election of a Kaopu car window film is still very necessary.

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