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Installing Insulating Glass Or Do I Need To Paste Glass Film
Sep 03, 2016

Summer has arrived, customers are more and more of the film, a customer recently asked the company's sales, is already installed in our House in insulating glass, then do I need to install window film?

After installing insulating glass, the bonus is the function of heat-insulating and soundproof, but we need to know is the transfer of heat in three ways, namely, heat conduction, convection and radiation. The three types of heat transfer, convection is negligible, and insulating glass is to solve the problem of heat by heat conduction, which accounted for 50% of the heat less, while more heat through radiation, and this can be done through the glass film.

After you install the insulated glass, UV exposure, and safety effect is negligible, but foil can implement these features. So installing insulating glass and glass membrane is not conflict, the effect will be better.

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