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Epoxy Self Adhesive Vinyl Resin In The Metallurgical Anti-corrosion How To Choose?
Jun 30, 2017

Metallurgical industry due to the existence of corrosive media in the production process is complex, the role of the object pipeline, production equipment, there are buildings, structures, epoxy Self Adhesive Vinyl resin anti-corrosion application materials must be fully considered the objective requirements of the production process, such as the strength of the media , Concentration, temperature, working state is moving is static, indoor and outdoor, under pressure and other factors and their changes. The focus is to seize the environmental characteristics, the second is to optimize the structural design. It is a kind of nonmetallic corrosion resistant material with strong corrosive chemical medium environment. The epoxy Self Adhesive Vinyl resin is a more successful and effective material. Epoxy Self Adhesive Vinyl resin material can be used for corrosion cure and can be cured at room temperature. Good stability, Self Adhesive Vinyl ester resin as a new type of high corrosion resistance materials for the defogger, electrolyzer material, the main features: room temperature curing, construction is simple, good adjustability.

The main varieties are: CH-2, CH-5, all have methacrylic acid epoxy type structure; T-158, with methacrylic acid Phenolic epoxy type structure. CH-5 resin has good toughness, impermeability and sealing, the use of temperature up to 100 ℃; T-158 resin resistant to high The temperature of 120 ℃, dry up to 150 ℃; T-158 resin excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to some solvents and oxidizing media. It has the following characteristics: the production of corrosion-resistant whole resin floor, with light, high strength, seamless, low shrinkage characteristics; for corrosion resistant block floor, equipment lining masonry, hook (irrigation) seam mortar, clay stick High strength, can withstand the impact of a greater impact; excellent impermeability, wear resistance, easy to clean, decorative effect; compared with the block, the light weight of the light, alkali, salt and part of the oxidizing medium; , Can reduce the structure to bear the load, the overall cost is low.

For the building, the structure of the surface protection has a prominent effect on the metallurgical industry, chemical industry encountered surface corrosion problems, with a strong targeted. In the anti-corrosion structure design, epoxy Self Adhesive Vinyl resin should be structural design of the rationality of science that is to become the key to the durability of protective structures. Such as electrolytic cell corrosion-resistant structural layer design, the use of corrosion-resistant FRP FRP with light weight, high strength, good insulation temperature, good construction technology and design features, on the one hand the glass fiber into a whole On the other hand to give FRP a variety of excellent comprehensive performance, including corrosion resistance, and the composite structure of the carpet can be used to further improve the corrosion resistance, such as surface felt, chopped mats with resin content can be achieved 0.5 ~ 1.4k / m2, known as the resin-rich layer or the main corrosion layer, so the corrosion resistance of FRP mainly depends on the varieties of corrosion-resistant resin.

The overall resin mortar floor is the past 20 years to vigorously develop and actively promote the technology, CH Self Adhesive Vinyl ester floor dedicated low shrinkage resin come out, so that our floor with corrosion-resistant materials on a technical level, a good structure layer For the surface layer of clay, thick 1mm; resin mortar, thick 4 ~ 6mm; 2 cloth 3 plastic FRP isolation layer; resin primer material 2; leveling layer C20 fine stone concrete, 30mm thick; cushion C15 concrete, 120mm or grass-roots prefabricated reinforced concrete floor. Resin clay masonry acid brick structure is mainly used for a certain impact, compression requirements of the environment, experts believe that the following structural layer: surface layer of acid brick, thick 30 ~ 65mm; resin clay layer, thick 4 ~ 6mm; 3 plastic FRP isolation layer; resin playing base material 2; the whole casting leveling and find slope layer C20 fine stone concrete ≥ 40mm; grass-roots prefabricated reinforced concrete floor or cushion C15 concrete, thickness ≥ 120mm. Resin mortar masonry Corrosion resistant granite ground structure is mainly used for compression, impact requirements of the higher parts of the industry recommended granite resin clay hook, thickness 50 ~ 100mm; resin mortar masonry layer, thick 5 ~ 10mm; 3 plastic FRP isolation layer; resin primer material 2; leveling layer for the structural layer.

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