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Energy-saving Insulating Window Film Has Been The Construction Industry Development Trend
Sep 03, 2016

It is understood, in order to better promote energy saving safety glass film applications in energy-saving Windows, relevant government departments, research institutes, enterprises jointly promoting the industrialization of energy saving safety glass film. The NPC said in a Government work report, using a combination of various instruments to promote saving and rational use of resources, promoting the construction of key projects in energy saving, encourage the development of energy-saving products and energy-saving buildings that efforts with a focus on energy saving and consumption reducing equipment and technology. to integrate energy-saving and consumption reduction in statistics and evaluating system of economic and social development. Obviously, energy saving safety glass film by the Government and the great attention and support from the industry, it will have broad market prospects, and a bright future.

At home, the glass film is currently a wealth of only a few people know. According to the authority of the State Statistical Agency estimates that there are over 15 billion square meters of glass market in China, and along with a lot of new buildings, glass areas requiring maintenance will also increase rate of 6% to 10%. Meanwhile, under the influence of global warming, glass foil insulation, eco-friendly features will get more recognition, glass pastes the membrane in building and home renovation will have a very wide range of applications in the field!

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