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Design Of Lamination Film
Jun 30, 2017

The material of the Lamination Film includes any possible combination of materials, such as coated with a ceramic film on a metal oxide or an aromatic polyamide film coated on a polysulfone microporous membrane, both of which are made of nonwoven Reinforced to support the pressure resistance of the microporous membrane, while the hollow fiber membrane is not required.

The anti-seepage effect of the composite geomembrane depends on the integrity of the plastic film during the construction and operation. In order to prevent the trampling of animals and animals, the destruction of plants and animals and the reduction of the photothermal effect, because they are polymer chemical fiber polymers, Direct exposure, so the composite geomembrane should be covered protective layer.

For the sake of safety, it is required that the maximum particle diameter d of the actual soil material is not more than 6mm. Therefore, the silty clay with the screen is used in this project, and the other requirements are the same as those of the dam body. Protective layer to take 200mm, below 100mm with sieve soil, above 100mm with non-screening soil. For non-screening soil, should be selected out of large stones and other debris.

Lamination Film is mainly used for reverse osmosis, gas separation, pervaporation and other separation process.

A film of a surface active layer (a dense separation layer) having a separation function and a porous layer having a supporting action was prepared by using two different film materials, respectively.

Lamination Film is in one or both sides of the film affixed with geotextile, forming a composite geomembrane. Its form has a cloth a film, two cloth a film. Width of 4-6m, weight 200-1500g / square meter, tensile, tear, broken and other physical and mechanical properties of high index, the product has high strength, good extension performance, deformation modulus, acid, Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-seepage performance and so on.

Face design

Because the dam slope is a retaining building, to withstand the wind and waves pressure, it must have protective measures, the project design using dry large masonry face. Facing stone must be hard, dense, long-term resistance to weathering, and there must be a weight of the individual, can withstand wind and wave pressure and the role of water erosion force. In order to prevent the wind and waves flow to the dam casing protective layer of clay particles away, in the block under the surface of the laying of 0.1m gravel (sand and gravel) for the cushion and filter layer.

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