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Crystal Light Boxes Cloth Production Process Is Divided Into What?
Sep 03, 2016

Knife laws respectively light boxes cloth, light boxes cloth rolling method and legitimate light boxes cloth. Post legal: pressed legal light boxes cloth is two layers of PVC membrane, through heating, hot rollers under pressure and optical fiber network in the middle of the fitting together, cooling molding. Greatest feature of this process is a good inkjet ink absorption and strong color performance. Therefore, with the rise of large printing industry, is bringing these light boxes cloth a limitless vitality. Such light boxes cloth in China's market share has more than 50%.

Rolling: is calendered PVC powder and liquid, plasticizers and other raw material mix, after high temperature thermal pressure, and fabric glue to form a whole. Characterized by surface roughness is better, and even light, in the light fabric, more advantages. Subject to limitations of devices, width no more than 3M. Two light boxes cloth is produced by such process; light boxes cloth is representative of such a process.

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