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Concept And Use Of One Way Vision Process
May 24, 2017

One Way Vision process is the line of sight in the page with the formation of elements of the formation of unidirectional sequential movement, it is generally in accordance with the order from large to small, from the main to the order, direct appeal theme, layout of the visual flow line concise and strong, , Vertical, oblique 3, when the site is built, it is more widely used.

(1) One Way Vision--horizontal visual process

Line of sight horizontal movement, giving stability, a quiet, peaceful feeling. Area of small pictures, Wenning, horizontal lines are horizontal, giving a delicate, peaceful feeling. Will be expressed to the contents of the horizontal color through, people's natural movement around the line of sight.

(2) One Way Vision--vertical visual process

Line of sight up and down, giving an intuitive, firm feeling. A few vertical direction of the curve through the traction of people on the F up and down the line of sight, a strong sense of direction.

(3)One Way Vision-- oblique visual leaking

In the page, the main body is tilted or the constituent elements are arranged along the oblique lines, and the line of sight moves in the diagonal direction to produce a strong and unstable dynamic feeling. And from top to bottom to move more in line with the human visual psychology, increase the positive factors of reading. The text arranged in a tilted state, in line with the natural flow of people sight, while the layout of active up. The composition of the page from the top left to the bottom of the next arrangement, followed by the order from the main to the right through the "enter" into other pages, the flow of sight is very smooth.

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