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Car Window Film Identification Coup
Sep 25, 2017

How to distinguish the car window film is good or bad, what identification small coup?

First, through the clarity to identify the car window film is good or bad, the general quality of the car window film (regardless of the color depth) transmittance can reach 90%, at night to see things outside the six meters.

Second, the quality of the car window film feels a thick and smooth feeling, and poor quality car window film feel more crisp, and easy to wrinkle.

Third, the good car window film color is even through the pigment fusion into the film, not easy to change color, durable. Poor color of the car window film is in the adhesive glue from the adhesive, such a film tearing the lining, nail scraping about, the color is lost.

Fourth, high-quality car window film without smell.

Fifth, when torn car window linings lining, and then re-composite after the beginning as well, will not blister.

Sixth, the car window film shelf life is longer, usually 5 years.

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