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CABE Lightbox Standard
Sep 03, 2016

To make khaki outdoor advertising picture design realistic effects and combining the artistry of, most of the outdoor light box picture is using photo inkjet or color ink-jet printing to achieve. As well as in special paper and plastic sheets, plastic film, how to screen print on the light boxes cloth to make lightbox image and according to their manufacturing costs, weather, and other requirements to select the production methods and materials. Below about CABE outdoor advertising sign production standards.

1, the advertising style design

First of all, the combination of advertising and product, play a role in positioning, not only in order to make the ads more attractive, some of which use a lot of product-neutral design. Second, clear design of advertising products, do not easily change, which determines the effect of advertising, and don't use a lot of factors unrelated to product style, this can result in product promotion effect is not obvious, or some counterproductive.

2, the advertising image processing

Advertising product images must have gone through the arts. Such as red and blue, 2 color combination, fusion, Visual impact and can make you look attractive. Also avoid advertising background color cannot be set to fill a vast quantities of untreated after color, such as blue and red, East and West a messy fight, disorganized, it is not up to the publicity effect.

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