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Architectural Window Film Trends
Sep 03, 2016

With the rapid economic development of society, public awareness of architectural glass film higher and higher, is used more and more widely of architectural window film, based on the current development trend of domestic architectural window film do some discussion.

According to relevant statistics, 90% per cent of fossil fuel is coal, 40% of the total coal consumption in the world, China's dependency on overseas energy above 50%. At present, energy tensions in the country are already visible, may pose a threat to the stability and security of the country. In such a tense situation of resources and energy 32% of the total energy consumption of residential buildings, established nearly 40 billion square meters of buildings in China is basically energy buildings, energy consumption per unit area is equivalent to similar climate conditions 2~3 times that of developed countries. "Eleven-Five plan" bridle Ridge two constraint to explicitly put forward the energy-saving and emission reduction goals, it means building a conservation-minded society without delay.

Growing energy crisis in China have begun to promote the use of glass film, industry development, architectural glass membrane industry in China is at an early stage, will gain popularity in the future.

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