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Aluminum-plastic Lamination Film - Neglected Profiteering Market
Jul 20, 2017

Lithium-ion battery five materials: the machine material; anode material; electrolyte; lithium diaphragm; aluminum-plastic Lamination Film. Which is positive and negative materials, electrolytes and lithium diaphragms reported more domestic enterprises engaged in more, and the aluminum Lamination Film this "profiteering" material for a variety of reasons have long been ignored.

According to statistics, in 2013 China's annual output of 3.5 billion batteries, aluminum-plastic Lamination Film dosage of 5000-6000 million square meters.

Lithium polymer battery is the highest capacity lithium battery, the lightest weight, the highest safety of the battery. In the shape, the lithium polymer battery has the characteristics of ultra-thin, can meet the needs of various products, made into any shape and capacity of the battery, the battery can reach a minimum thickness of 0.5mm., Its nominal voltage and Li -ion is also 3.6 or 3.7V, no memory effect.

Polymer soft package battery by digital products, will also be the future can wear the mainstream direction of lithium batteries.

Currently introduced products such as: i-Watch, i-PAD, Huawei's mate-7, millet of the series of mobile phones are basically using a polymer soft package battery, polymer flexible battery is one of the important components of aluminum Lamination Film.

The structure of aluminum - plastic Lamination Film

Aluminum film by the outer layer of nylon / adhesive / intermediate layer of aluminum foil / adhesive / inner layer of five layers of heat sealing layer, each layer of functional requirements are relatively high.

China's aluminum-plastic film only a few of several manufacturers to achieve the indicators of DNP, mostly resistant to battery fluid performance and deep drawing, however, the domestic depth of about 5mm in the very good, foreign can generally reach 8mm, more Even to 15mm. Visible domestic performance to be improved.

Domestic aluminum film performance behind

At present, the domestic aluminum plastic film used in the lithium industry, due to performance reasons basically no, only a small number of experimental products.

The main factors are: domestic aluminum foil elongation is insufficient, and with the supporting BOPA (two-way stretch nylon) production enterprises and not really put into the relevant technology, which makes the two materials tensile rate can not be unified.

The main domestic aluminum plastic film production enterprises are: Aluminum Group Huaxi Aluminum Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhuo high Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai 赛 peacekeeping Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zijiang New Materials Co., Ltd., Guangdong Fucai Jinhui New Materials Limited company.

China's aluminum-plastic Lamination Film shortcomings:

1. Aluminum foil surface treatment process is backward, the use of washed oil and "chromic anhydride" passivation treatment, pollution. Water has a surface tension, aluminum foil pores in the oil treatment is not clean, resulting in subsequent complex process defects.

2. After the water treatment of aluminum foil will produce "hydrogen embrittlement", resulting in domestic and aluminum-plastic Lamination Film folding rate has always reached the Japanese level.

3.CPP polymer directly cast on the surface without stretching the orientation of the aluminum foil above the high-heat polymer encountered high thermal conductivity of aluminum foil surface, rapid curling, resulting in layered crystals, resulting in more defects.

4. Aluminum foil surface is not coated UV layer, resulting in aluminum foil is not enough stiffness, dry compound is easy to wrinkle, can not do wide products, high scrap rate.

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