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Some mistaken ideas on the front glass film
Sep 03, 2016

Error: color depth determine insulation strength

Many going to car foil friends believe that the darker the insulating properties of the films the better. In fact, the insulating properties of the films depends on the rate of infrared blocking and shading rate. As the Sun in the heat energy from the visible and infrared, and infrared block rate for the same film, the darker the more insulation.

Myth: front glass don't need protection

For some frequently run the friends and faced sand and gravel flying is very common, which most people know can lead to paint damage, but if it hits the car front windshield glass, the consequences are more serious. Test results showed that when the speed exceeds 70km/h,, front windshield glass meets 500 g hard objects will only 100% penetrated. Posted film of glass can effectively prevent damage caused by window panes, but also to the greatest degree block something hard penetrated the glass into the car.

Myth three: the front foil transmission rate up to 70% standards

According to the national standard GB7258-2012 provides car front windshield glass light transmittance shall not be less than 70%, and ordinary cars front windshield glass light transmission rate control in 75%. Therefore, taking into account the front foil effects on transmittance, front foil must meet the minimum light transmittance of 90%, to avoid the film's front fender light transmission rate of less than 70%.

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