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Six steps to help you choose the high quality film
Sep 03, 2016

Summer is the peak car foil, can mention stick membrane, many owners worry about the. What kind of film is good? How to identify film it? This small series of sorting out the following six steps for your reference.

First, the clarity. Light transmission up to 90% quality film, and regardless of the color depth, items can be seen clearly at night to 6 metres; poor quality films will be foggy feeling.

Second, feel. Sense of quality films have thick, smooth to the touch; inferior film feels thin and brittle, and prone to wrinkles.

Third, the color. Uniform, high quality film paint integration in the film, durable, difficult to change; inferior membrane of pigment in adhesive glue, after tearing the membrane lining of fingernail scratch, paint away.

Finally, taste. Inferior high benzene concentration in the adhesive layer of residual solvents, smell, can seriously harm the owner's health.

Finally, a bubble. Tear film after the plastic-lined, compound again, bad film fizz, and quality after the film intact.

VI, shelf-life. Regular factory production of the film has a longer shelf life, is usually 5 years.

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