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Posted years of film do you want to change?
Sep 03, 2016

Posted years of film needs to change? Owners are not very aware of this problem, now for the first time, after all, the owner still account for the bulk of the film, but with the passage of time, changing membrane must also increase, or choose a more and more personalized.

So, changing film should pay attention to what issues? Yin Xiaobing said, the most important is to do a clean. Typically, quality of film, adhesive thinner, cleaning is easy. Bad film, glue is very thick, and the film's color will be attached to the gum, cleaning is in trouble. Old car more dust than new cars, plus glass adhesion on plastic and other chemicals, if cleaning is not clean, chemical residue on the glass, it's easy to react with post new film of lubricant, spotted in the film above. When cleaning, to glue on attached to the glass clean, sometimes staff using tools such as blades, scrapers, carelessly will scratch glass, posted after the film, there will be a very obvious scratches, this much attention.

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