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Posted film required notices and errors
Sep 03, 2016

Well known film market can be described as a mixed bag, foil from the hundreds of thousands, and price ranges. Know how to identify advantages and disadvantages of car foil is necessary. Poor quality film with ordinary polyester film as base material, do not meet basic requirements for automotive safety. High quality film with optical-grade polyester film. This polyester film is not only expensive, but feels thick, smooth, compact structure, high strength, high safety, explosion-proof performance.

Car foil parts into the front windshield film, baffle and rear film, in which the window film on the most demanding is the windscreen, windscreen must be greater than the rate of transmission of 70%, on the premise that does not affect traffic safety. Side-retaining film on the premise that without affecting car owners observed the rear-view mirror. Rear privacy-oriented film, explosion-proof membrane can be attached to the protection of privacy, do not affect the rear sight also has a security role.

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