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Identify film of sunscreen, this trick!
Sep 03, 2016

To see the summer, the weather is getting hotter. Out of driving a car, surely you will feel the air conditioning sometimes does not give force. Stopping a car back with a sauna inside the car like, many owners will consider their car put a layer of tinted film, window film but what effect is good? Really the darker the Sun do better?

In fact affect the thermal insulation effect of window film other than shades of the film, there is a more important factor is that the isolated effects of light. Automotive film's ability to cut off the light. A car film insulation is mainly look at the Sun contact infrared parameters, parameters of sunscreen are membranes isolated from ultraviolet rays of the Sun, infra-red and ultraviolet light are not visible, and the shades of the film are not necessarily related.

Automotive films do more better thermal insulating and sunproof? This is wide of the mark. Are two of the most important parameters: parameters of the isolated from isolated parameters of infrared and ultraviolet light. Film when buying a car you have to take and businesses to ask how much is the value of this parameter.

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