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How to select a car film
Sep 03, 2016

Car has gradually into people, becoming the means of transport. To making their car look more beautiful, more comfortable, more secure, owners of broken hearts. Owners realize the importance of automotive glass film, but how to select a car, the film becomes a big problem, there are more owners of car foil errors.

Myth: the film darker, better insulation performance

Car owners think the darker the better insulation performance of the film, in fact, the insulating properties of the films depends on the infra-red stop light transmittance rate and two parameters. For infra-red blocking rate for the same film, of course, is the darker the color the more insulation. Film infrared blocking ability, nothing to do with color, but on reflection of metal or oxide splashes.

Myth: car front windshield glass no protection necessary

Drive way, caused by flying objects, throwing objects and other unexpected front windshield burst through a thorny situation is not uncommon. When you speed over 70km/h, encountered the windscreen only 500 grams of hard, 100% will be run through.

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