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Glass foil sticker is still
Sep 03, 2016

First thing to see your electrostatic membrane is affixed with adhesive film. Static film simple, clean glass, spray a little water, tear film backing, direct pasted just (electrostatic membrane can be repeatedly pasting). Spray adhesive film need to clean the glass containing the installation of water, backing film removal, water spray, and then paste. Spray water on the film (including installation of liquid), the fader launched direct film and glass of water.

1. cutting: cut glass film specifications than the veneer is greater than about 1cm specifications. This will avoid stuck crooked (much less) to create a duplicate post problem.

2. clean the glass: stick cellophane on the glass before the grease, stains, dust, wipe clean the glass after spray enough water (add one or two drops dishwashing detergent is better), the degree of downward. Water spray is designed to temporarily reduce the viscosity of the glass film, wait to dry will not affect viscosity.

3. remove the release film on the back: after you take away from the film on the back of glass film (adhesive side) spray enough water, it will paste are free to Traverse on the glass in the process, facilitate the appropriate location.

4. Paste the first glass film on the glass when the average quantity, affixed to the top of the glass and align post down from the top. If there is no one good can be reopened again and paste (benefits of water spray)

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