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Film has exquisite details should know
Sep 03, 2016

New cars don't foil this, some owners of small disputes. The view was expressed that models need to put window film less than 200,000 yuan, and more than 200,000 yuan limousine because green insulating glass, more than 400,000 yuan luxury double insulating glass, so there's no need to film. In this regard, we have consulted the professionals in the industry, understand the role of window film insulation, light, burst-proof insulation, energy-saving four. Window film process after the dye film, metal coating, magnetron sputtering film developed in three stages, the most advanced magnetron sputtering coating can reflect ultraviolet, infrared, can block 30%-40% of the Sun's heat. So whether it is a luxury car or a lower-end car, vehicle owners can choose the foil.

New car sticker can not only play the insulation effect, also can reduce sun glare during the day, and play a role in anti-glare at night. Film the best of times, is less air humidity, dust season. Automotive film is a small project, but learning a lot. First of all, to learn to distinguish quality explosion-proof membrane and, secondly, to select the store that has the strength, after you paste the membrane it is important to remember to ask for the warranty card, and make sure that you complete, and saved along with the invoice. Foil after the first critical week for cars, many vehicle owners tend to overlook the details.

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