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Film darker the heat better?
Sep 03, 2016

Summer comes, in order to achieve a cool effect, many owners have started for car glass film. But when choosing a window film, some people think that car window film darker insulation the better, really the truth?

To validation different of quality of insulation film insulation of effect, staff took to test insulation effect of infrared machine, will machine respectively put in Windows glass and Qian block glass Shang, after infrared hot of irradiation, Zhang Mr with hand can in car within can clear sense by different insulation film of temperature effect, in 4S Shop gift of car film following, after infrared of irradiation can obviously feel to grill, and in Qian block following, is no Grill of feel, after such of experiment, let he plunged glasses, Mr Zhang had previously seen the film black car good heat insulation effect, did not think it was heat-insulating effect.

"Good solar films is not only a good light transmission, and there are function of explosion-proof, heat insulation, in fact, car decided to level of insulation in the film is of metal oxides reflecting layer on infrared reflectance. Shades of automotive window film has no necessary connection with insulation, riders are not based on the color depth of window film to judge its effect. "Professional surnamed Yang said.

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