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Characteristics of poor-quality window film and disbenefits of
Sep 03, 2016

Common characteristics of the poor-quality automotive window film are:

1. when he opened the transparent layer, you can smell the pungent odor.

2. start with when you can have the effect, but for a long time, you cannot very well insulated, UV insulation (poor insulation against a membrane adhesive insulation chemical and UV chemicals, using slightly longer time or hot is too high, will soon distribute or chemical reaction, then to lose functionality)

3. in the process that you use, such as fading, cracking, bubbling window film.

Here poor thermal insulation membrane against:

1, Binder contains a high hazard substances formaldehyde, benzene, after sun exposure after decomposition of volatile, damages the health of owners and passengers, particularly for pregnant women more.

2, lack of clarity, the mist-blurred, it is easy to make driver eye strain, or a Visual scotoma, accidents, resulting in property damage.

3, the outer impacts, glass cannot be firmly stuck, broken glass damage by officers, after an investigation that the glass hurt results at present accounted for more than 80% in the accident, which is quite amazing.

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