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Buy car film four
Sep 03, 2016

Many buyers will find decoration shops for vehicles after the cars film, but many consumers tend to choose which product and hesitant. How to choose the right film? Recently, the Gansu Provincial Administration of industry and Commerce 12315 command center on how to shop for car films released consumer reminded, when people buy cars must be "four".

First, clarity. Shades of the film, high quality and sharpness of the film during the night should be more than 6 m, and poor quality film will be foggy feeling.

Second, texture, and color. Good films have thick smooth to the touch, and poor quality film feels thin and brittle, easily cracked. High quality membrane pigment is soluble and membrane, durable and difficult to change, in the course of pasting by spatula scraping will not fade. Poor quality colour film to compound, after tearing the membrane lining of fingernail scratch, color off.

Three, the cars film bubble. When the tear film after the plastic-lined, compound again, bad film fizz, and quality after the film intact.

Four, see film of insulation. Consumers could use this method to test: put a close to the car at a tungsten film glass by hand do not feel any heat is high quality film, hot feeling immediately indicate a problem with its insulating properties, inferior films.

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